Holiday Menu

As someone who puts a lot of thought and time into meal planning, I still find coming up with a holiday menu challenging.

I want something special and festive to suit the day, but I want a tried and true recipe that I know will be delicious and turn out perfectly every time. It’s a lot to ask.

Thanksgiving is easier, at least if you go the traditional route. The menu is set. Granted, everyone puts their own spin on the classics. But turkey, stuffing, potatoes, a vegetable, bread, and a pie are pretty much always in the mix.

I feel like Christmas and New Year’s are wide open. Many people have their traditions, which is fun. We mix it up every year. You really can’t go wrong.

Main Course

Pasta always feels festive and celebratory. I could certainly see going with chicken lasagna roll-ups. That picture at the top of this post makes me hungry for ravioli. Add some meatballs for an easy, but fancy-feeling dinner for two.

I feel like a turkey or a turkey breast is always a nice choice for a special dinner. Other than the adventure of figuring out if the *&%$# thing is done, it’s easy, hands-off, and turns out. Meat thermometers come in handy sometimes. 😉


I also like something special for breakfast. An egg bake is a filling, tasty way to start the day. I love that it is prepped the day before, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven in the morning.

pancake breakfast

Right now I am planning a small batch of cinnamon rolls. An indulgent breakfast like rolls or pancakes is fun for a special day.

A few years ago I did Christmas brunch for us, with egg bake, roasted potatoes, and blueberry muffins.


If you still have any holiday cookies left, they are an easy choice for something sweet to finish the meal. If your house is like mine, and they are long gone, a dessert might be in order.

I can’t go wrong with carrot cake. A small coconut cake would also be delicious. This pie, or this pie, would also be a hit.

So many possibilities, I just can’t decide! Whatever I decide, I am sure we will enjoy our holiday meal. 🙂

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