Weekend Randoms 12/17/2023

Happy Sunday.

Although we haven’t hit the cold and miserable part of winter, I still like the idea of a little reprieve. The last time we visited the conservatory at Como Park I thought about how nice it would be to come back in the dead of winter. The middle of December isn’t exactly the dead of winter, but it was a gloomy, chilly day.

Instead of beautiful summer flowers, the botanical gardens were full of poinsettias. After walking through the outdoor parts of the zoo in the chilly winter weather, the tropical gardens felt wonderful.

While we were there, we got to see the new baby giraffe. Her name is Ivy. 🙂

Earlier that day, we were at the Minnesota Zoo. We did a loop around the outdoor Northern Trail and the outer parts of the Minnesota Trail as well as the entire indoor parts of the zoo. The wolves were all fluffy in their winter coats.

The pumas at the Minnesota Zoo were cuddled up like a pair of adorable house cats. They came to the zoo back in 2016 as orphans. They are just as cute now as they were back then. 😉

Later in the week, we walked through the holiday lights display at the local park. This tree was so pretty done up in purple lights.

I have never traveled a great distance over the holidays, but New York City would be fun. Ice skating in Central Park would probably result in a broken ankle, but the rest sounds great.

This time of year is perfect for a 5-minute breathwork routine.

Atlantic Beach Pie became very popular this year, at least according to a list of favorites I saw. I want to try it with a graham cracker crust…

I just finished Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+. The series and the book are both excellent.

Stay cozy and have a lovely weekend.

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