Summer Garden & Flowers

Our backyard deck.

Summer in Minnesota means a relatively short garden and flower season. Every year it seems to take FOREVER to arrive and then is gone far too quickly. I am always envious of those in warmer climates when they enjoy juicy garden tomatoes much sooner than I and for a longer time period. But I do think it makes me appreciate them once they are here even more.

Vegetable garden

Raised garden with watering system

Our small raised vegetable garden consists of two tomato plants and two pepper plants. A third pepper plant resides in a pot. Last weekend I noticed some tiny little tomatoes on the 4th of July variety of tomato on the far end of photos. While I have never personally had fresh tomatoes by the 4th of July, this plant does produce ripe tomatoes quite early in the season.

I also planted a Celebrity tomato plant which produces mid to late August. This tends to be a typical timeline for Minnesota-grown fresh tomatoes.

The peppers this year are Anaheim, Serrano, and Jalapeño varieties. We like our spice. The spice level of garden peppers always tends to be a little uneven. I have had years when the Jalapeño peppers were super hot and years when they tasted like bell pepper. But I am happy to use them all in recipes, no matter their spice level.

The white piping in the garden is a water system that Husband cleverly constructed a couple of years ago.


Mint plant

We also have a nice variety of herbs on the deck and around the back of the house. I absolutely love going outside for fresh herbs to brighten up my recipes.

For the past few years, we have been bringing them inside in the fall when the weather gets cold. It has worked quite well for some of the herbs. The rosemary in particular has thrived both outside and inside.

The mint plant is a new addition. I am excited to try it in both food and cocktail recipes! 🙂


I can’t take credit for this lovely little box of flowers. We brought it to the cemetery to decorate my parent’s tombstone for Memorial Day. Instead of letting the arrangement be discarded, we rescued it later that week. Now it resides on our deck. The flowers have really taken off in the last couple of days.

My flower pots have only just gotten started, but I am happy with how they are progressing. The warm weather is really helping them grow.


This is one of two petunia arrangements on the front of the house. I can never resist the purple flowers! They go well with the year-round Minnesota Vikings flag displayed outside the front door. 🙂

Shade flowers

This is a shade arrangement that sits on the deck. The Begonias and Double Impatiens are so stunning at the garden center every year.

Sun flowers

More purple flowers! This arrangement in on the back deck.

My summer garden and flowers are some of my favorite parts of the season. I can’t wait for those fresh garden tomatoes!


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