San Diego Memories

About to go celebrate St. Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s Day bring back memories of San Diego. We were fortunate enough to be on vacation over St. Patrick’s Day back in 2015 celebrating an anniversary and more recently in 2018 because we loved it so much the first time!

I love St Patrick’s Day anyway thanks to my Irish heritage. While we didn’t start out planning our anniversary trip to coincide with the holiday it ended up being a good time to take vacation time.

On both trips, we split our time between staying right on the beach and then staying in downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp, which is the entertainment district. This felt like the best of both worlds!

The Beach:

Our View outside our hotel room at Pacific Terrace Hotel on the beach in San Diego

This is one of my favorite memories of our first trip. We walked into our hotel room to this view of the Pacific Ocean. The temperature was 90 degrees when we departed the plane that afternoon, unseasonably warm for March in San Diego; but felt perfect being so close to the ocean. We were literally in paradise.

This picture is still one of Husband’s favorite computer wallpaper backgrounds.

Another gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean

I don’t know which are prettier, sunrise or sunset. This sunset is pretty hard to beat.

It was pretty easy to relax after a day enjoying the beach, the sites, and the great restaurants! The Pacific Ocean, a glass of wine and my comfy Minnesota Vikings t-shirt. Yes, please!

The Zoo:

We went to the San Diego zoo on both trips. It is huge with amazing exhibits.

This photo makes me smile. Husband had blisters on top of blisters on the bottoms of his feet by this point but he didn’t let it stop him from walking through this enormous zoo.

Galapagos turtles at San Diego zoo; awesome exhibit

I can’t pick a favorite of all the wonderful animals at the San Diego Zoo, but the Galapagos turtles are pretty darn cool.

The Food:

We are both foodies and love to try new restaurants when we travel. Sushi is always a favorite. We ate every morsel of this delicious sushi. The beer and saki special made it even better! 😉

This flatbread was part of one of many fun happy hours in the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego.

Husband was introduced to Huevos Rancheros during one of many yummy breakfasts we enjoyed. It has become one of our favorite weekend breakfasts back at home!


I really love and miss the anticipation of an upcoming trip. But at least we have lots of great vacation memories.


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