Weekend Randoms 7/3/2022

Happy Sunday.

My potted plants are really starting to take off. The weather has been so weird, with incredibly hot days intermixed with colder days. I don’t think the flowers, tomatoes, and shrubs know quite what to do.

Every year I do at least one pot of purple and yellow petunias. Purple is my favorite color, and purple and yellow are the colors of the Minnesota Vikings. This year the purple flowers are going gangbusters and the yellow ones are a bit overwhelmed. I really love these purple blooms with stripes of white.

The tomato plants are slowly coming along. They like heat, which has certainly been the case recently. Every year I worry I might not end up with much for tomatoes, but they always come around.

What caught my eye this week

Enjoying the long weekend, but I’m not attending the birthday party.

Weekend in Seattle. I love reading travel guides to places we have actually been. I would add Hotel 1000 to the recommendation list, we had a great stay. My internet browsing then led me to a list of what to avoid on a Seattle vacation. The very first item was the original Starbucks. What??!! Yes, it’s touristy, but it’s the original Starbucks!

Summer reading list. Right now I am reading a cute little freebie book I downloaded from Amazon.

The golden hour for amazing photos. I especially notice this while traveling. When we were in San Diego we captured some great pics of the two of us around sunset.

Cast iron skillet on the grill. This is an intriguing idea when I don’t want to fire up the cooktop, much less the oven. We do have a little cast iron pot we bought particularly to use for baked beans, which work great on the grill.

Bella checking out the deck, and maybe birds or squirrels.

Enjoy the weekend.

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