Weekend Randoms 7/7/2024

Since sharing this cobbler recipe I have been hungry for a batch of strawberry shortcake. It was a yummy mid-afternoon snack a few days ago. It is pure nostalgia for us as we both had it often as kids.

Last weekend I mentioned seeing a fox in the backyard. I was surprised we got such a good look at him last week. So I was shocked one late afternoon to look outside and see two foxes playing. They were chasing each other and wrestling around. It was so cute! We are presuming they are young siblings.

This is why you revisit your old journals. Day One has a feature that makes it easy to look back at the current day in the history of your journal. I have talked about this before. It’s a great way to review accomplishments, fun times like previous vacations, and how far you have come with challenges.

I have a soft spot for black cats, especially after sharing our home with our precious Velvet. Of course, they deserve cute names! Velvet made the list as a good name for girl cats. I agree!

Three million bananas. Feeding the Summer Olympics athletes. The sheer volume, not to mention all the dietary needs of the athletes must be challenging. We are excited about the Olympics and hope Minnesota Lynx star Napheesa Collier will be able to compete with her teammates in women’s basketball. She sustained a foot injury this week.

I’ve never traveled abroad and I think visiting a grocery store would be fascinating. We often end up visiting a grocery store when we travel, either by necessity or curiosity.

I have a ridiculous number of sleeping cat pictures in my photo library. They just look so cute!

Have a lovely weekend.

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