Velvet on the Couch

Before Bella & Bailey came to join our family, our resident feline was Velvet. She was gorgeous, opinionated, very talkative, and very much a two-person cat. Today is the day we designated as her birthday, and always makes me remember how much she was loved.

Being a lifelong cat lover, I couldn’t wait to get a cat after we got married. As renting with pets is dicey in our area, we knew the prudent thing was to wait until we purchased our first house. Once we were settled into our home, Velvet followed within a couple of weeks. A dear friend’s cat has given birth recently and, luckily, one of the kittens was black.

We actually came up with Velvet’s name before we found her. The name is a character from one of hubby’s favorite sets of novels. Although I typically don’t read fantasy novels, I did read this series and loved the characters. We decided Velvet was a perfect name for a black cat.

She quickly grew from an adorable, rambunctious kitten to a pampered, spoiled beauty.

She was one talkative cat! Black cats are thought to be at least partly Siamese, and they are known to be vocal.

We loved her and she loved us, but she only loved us. She had no time for anyone who wasn’t a member of her family. Anyone else was left to admire her beauty from a distance.

Velvet liked to be near us most of the time, even when we really didn’t require her assistance. She liked to “help” hubby play computer games, which for her meant occasionally walking across the keyboard or getting in front of the monitor.

She lived for 15 years. Losing her was harder than either of us could have imagined.

I still miss my sweet little Velvet.

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