Weekend Randoms 5/7/2023

Happy Sunday.

I need to make these strawberry shortcake muffins again! So good.

One of the nicest days of the year, at least so far, happened this week. I had appointments to donate blood and a haircut and as I prepared to leave remembered I am in desperate need of spring/summer clothes!

What I do have is lots of summer dresses. I love an easy, breezy dress. They made me look put-together, like I put in some effort, when, in actuality, I just pulled a dress over my head! Glorious.

If an event is dress worthy, I am a happy camper. My idea of dress worthy has changed over the years too. While they used to be saved for a special occasion or a nice dinner out, now takeout Chipotle and a walk in a park on a Saturday afternoon is a perfect time for a casual, comfortable dress.

If dresses or athleisure are acceptable attire, I’m set. But I will likely need something besides that this summer and therein lies the struggle. I made myself go clothes shopping yesterday. I was surrounded by women wandering through summer clothes and swear we all had the same determined looks on our faces. Basically, we were finding something to %$&#@ wear this summer, or we weren’t leaving.

I left with two dresses, two tops and one pair of shorts. Both tops are great, the shorts are okay, and the dresses were a miss.

Of course, I really need to clean my closet and remember these guidelines for what to keep and what to pitch.

What caught my eye this week

The Coronation of King Charles and according to Twitter, the Grim Reaper made an appearance!

I like all kinds of workouts, but I really love a good walk.

I love an organized kitchen.

Food shaming is wrong, even when you are eating green peppers. 😉

And Just Like That season two trailer. It is expected to premiere as soon as June.

May is the prime shedding season for the ragdolls. In an effort to keep some of the hair off of this chair, we keep this adorable cat bed in it. For obvious reasons, the cup was purchased back when Velvet was still with us. 😉

Bella figured out a way to sit in the cup and still share her hair with the chair. Ha!

Have a good weekend.

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