Weekend Randoms 6/16/2024

Happy Sunday.

June is halfway over, and it doesn’t even seem like summer yet!

Of course, it would help if the rain would ever stop. At this rate, I may never need to water my tomatoes and flowers.

Summer strawberries are so good, even the store-bought ones. I made a small batch of strawberry cobbler. A pan of shortcake while the fruit is so yummy should happen too.

Earlier this month I mentioned wanting a library card. Hubby took the lead and got us both cards online. I am looking forward to checking out physical books and borrowing e-books! Hubby much prefers e-books, I like both.

So far I haven’t had a problem with squirrels digging in my potted plants. In the past, I put a couple of mothballs in the pots which did the trick.

You should share your vacation photos once you are back home instead of traveling. It is much safer as you aren’t advertising your house is empty. Plus, it’s fun to look back and take time to put together photos to share. 🙂

We were getting ready to go to New York City this time last year! We stayed near the Theater District. We enjoyed lunch and dinner at Joe Allen, including right after a Broadway show, and loved the place. It was quite literally steps away from our hotel. The food was awesome and I loved the ambience.

Even if I didn’t know the dangers of skin cancer I would be diligent with sunscreen due to my pale complexion. Certainly, people have the right to do as they wish, but I choose to proceed with caution where sun exposure is concerned.

Bella looking pretty on one of my few recent sunny days.

Have a nice weekend.

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