Weekend Randoms 6/9/2024

Happy Sunday.

My tomatoes, herbs, and flowers are all flourishing thanks to all the rain followed by some lovely days of sunshine. The mosquitos are also flourishing thanks to all the rain. I had hoped to enjoy a late breakfast in the park with a dear friend this week. Instead, we pivoted to a restaurant for fear of the mosquitos making our breakfast date miserable.

One of my favorite all-time places for breakfast is Wildberry in downtown Chicago. This writer didn’t elect to start his day there. Chicago is full of amazing food.

I will always be team hot coffee, but I have come around to ordering the occasional iced latte for a treat on my way to work. This peanut butter latte makes me want to try my hand at making an iced coffee at home.

My nightly routine includes a little piece of dark chocolate after dinner. Moser Roth bars are delicious!

Hubby showed me a picture on Reddit of a Detroit-style pizza with broccoli, mushrooms, and red onions. I adore veggie pizza and this one looked incredible. No surprise that Gaby’s version looks just as wonderful. Now I am really hungry for pizza.

Step workouts are a great way to boost cardio intensity while keeping a workout low impact. I had no idea they got their start in the 80s.

Getting a new library card has been on my to-do list for a while. It’s been many years. I was happy to read that authors benefit from someone checking their book out of the library.

Reading through the comments about child-like habits was fun. I rescue worms off the wet driveway, so they don’t get smushed and I love dinosaurs.

Have a great weekend.

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