Weekend Randoms 2/18/2024

Happy Sunday.

I feel like I gain some time once football season is over. Sundays from September through early February are most definitely dedicated to football. If there is a game on, I will be watching. Gaining time is nice, but I do miss football.

The Super Bowl was good. A close game and I was kinda, sort of rooting for the Chiefs. I did not realize a Wicked movie was coming, so the ad with the trailer caught me by surprise. The Broadway play is so good! I am excited about the movie.

We love cumin and often use a generous amount in recipes. I made turkey chili on Thursday, which coincidently, was the perfect choice on a cold, snowy day. As I stood trying to shake the cumin out of the bottle, I remembered a trick I saw recently. You twist the plastic top on the bottle, and it makes the spice flow more freely. It works!

I haven’t had a Girl Scout cookie for a while. Never say no to a Tagalong. 😉

We have had the cat bed on the left for many years. In fact, Velvet was its first inhabitant. Bella was the first to take a liking to it and, more recently, Bailey has started to spend some time in it.

This is what happens if one cat is in the cup and the other decides it is her turn. Roar!

They aren’t willing to share, and it would be a tight fit even if they would consent to the idea. We got them a second cat bed this past week. So far, no action. Hopefully, they will eventually be willing to each nap in their own little kitty cup. 🙂

Have a great weekend.

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