Weekend Randoms 9/3/2023

Happy Sunday!

We did indeed go to the Minnesota State Fair this past week.

Before I forget to mention, the picture above is from the center of the agriculture building. Last year the tree was decorated with a Halloween theme with ghosts and bats. This year it was flowery and lovely.

Tuesday was our planned day for the fair, and, lucky for us, the weather was beautiful. The fair opens at 7 am, and we walked in the gates shortly after.

As wonderful as it is to get there bright and early before the inevitable hoards of people, not many exhibits are open right away at 7 o’clock. We were able to walk through the animal barns. The animals are one of my favorite parts of any fair.

The cows are so sweet, those faces and big brown eyes. 🙂

We walked into the pig barn and saw a sign that said “Baby Piglets”. I immediately headed in that direction.

So darn cute. We also saw some itsy, bitsy, tiny baby pigs at the Miracle of Birth Center. They could not have been more than a day old.

We also made a point to walk through the International Bazaar. We really enjoyed it last year.

The art building was super busy by the time we walked through. This lovely piece caught our eye. I love the color and texture.


We didn’t have a specific plan for food, instead just walked around to see what drew us in.

This was our first stop, a fried blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous!

We found a Greek-themed place in the food building. I had falafel wrap and Hubby got a slice of baklava. Of course, we both took a taste of each item. Shared food means you get to try more things!

Hubby noticed the Green Mill trailer and got the cheese curd stuff pretzel, which was a new item this year. It also contained pepperoni, so he had it to himself. I got a slice of cheese pizza.

The malts at the Dairy Barn get a lot of hype, and this year, I decided to try one. They have lots of flavors available, I went with rhubarb strawberry. Excellent choice!

Did we remember to take a selfie with Babe the Blue Ox when we walked in? Nope, we waited until we were hot, sweaty, and ready to leave! 😛

Enjoy the long weekend!

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