Weekend Randoms 7/23/2023

Happy Sunday.

My flowers look so good this year! Earlier this year, I felt like I was getting such a late start. I always think that, and it’s never an issue.

Purple and white is a definite theme with multiple pots of petunias. That is another secret to successful flowers – lots of petunias. They always look great.

The tomato plants look pretty decent as well. Although I think I may have accidentally bought a dwarf tomato plant meant to be potted. One of my three plants has a lot of tomatoes on it, but it is very short and squat. The cherry tomato plant is already producing some delicious little fruit!

My hen & chicks plant in the front landscaping continues to do its thing. I still think back on that tiny little plant I brought home seven years ago. I wasn’t sure if they are cat-safe so in the ground it went.

What caught my eye this week

Secrets to better homemade pizza. We are having pizza next weekend for Hubby’s birthday. The plan is homemade if it isn’t beastly hot outside. I agree with this list, but I always load my veggie pizzas with toppings!

I used to think of vanilla ice cream as a base for sundaes and a topping for pies. But good vanilla ice cream is a treat all on its own.

All the great homes on And Just Like That… The top photo made me fondly remember the NYC vacation. 🙂

I was grateful we never had to deal with this decision with any of our parents. So hard to give up that independence.

Have a great weekend!

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