Weekend Randoms 12/11/2022

Happy Sunday.

Every year right after Thanksgiving I feel like I have plenty of time until Christmas. Then, every year, the next thing I know, Christmas is two weeks away.

Anyone who knows me would say I am not a big Christmas person. But I know what I like. Snowmen, any and all versions of “A Christmas Carol” movie, and Christmas trees make the holiday for me. As I write this, the 1938 black-and-white version of “A Christmas Carol” is streaming on HBO.

Every year, I want a real tree. This isn’t to say I always get my way. We have a reasonably nice fake one, as artificial trees go. But I freaking love the real thing. Of course, there is the intoxicating smell of evergreen, and I honestly find the process a fun little adventure. Unfortunately, I keep hearing the selection this year isn’t great, plus the drought did a number on the poor trees. Darn it.

We have sushi probably once a month for date night. It feels so festive. Date night isn’t complete without dessert, like this or this.

What caught my eye this week

The Respect for Marriage bill will soon become law. Love is love.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s annual Name the Plow contest. I don’t think they can beat Betty Whiteout, a winner for last year.

Why we need recipes. I definitely play fast and loose with recipes. Recipes like casseroles or stir-fry can definitely be adapted to personal tastes. Sometimes it’s a complete success, and sometimes I probably would have been better off sticking with the original recipe. But I love to experiment.

Best new restaurants in America. This link makes me want to travel and eat.


Have a happy weekend.

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