Weekend Randoms 7/31/2022

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday. We started his day with broccoli frittata. Frittata is my favorite weekend breakfast. I love starting the weekend with lots of veggies with this healthy and very scrumptious breakfast.

We headed down to a local music festival around lunchtime. Last year was our first time attending, it was a lot of fun, but so hot! Of course, it was hot this year too. Earlier this week, the weather was absolutely amazing. But we are headed into another hot streak.

Husband loves music and especially live music, so it was fun that this annual event happened to fall on his birthday. We typically listen to hard rock, but enjoy a pretty large variety of music performed live.

We had pizza and beer at the festival and walked downtown for ice cream for dessert between music acts. Looking back, we had stopped for ice cream last year for the birthday boy at our favorite local shop. Not surprising at all, we don’t need much of an excuse to go. 😉

Mexican food for dinner. I think Hubby had a good birthday. 🙂

The cherry tomato plant is loaded with fruit, and they are slowly starting to ripen. If only tomatoes tasted this good year-round. These were picked mid-week and are currently sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be added to a salad.

What caught my eye this week

Best scenic train rides in the US. We have kicked around the idea of a trip by train for years. We ended up wandering around the Amtrak train depot when we were staying in St. Paul. I think I would need to try a quick trip, such as down to Chicago, before committing to a cross-country train trip.

Grocery hacks to save money. Less meat, meal planning, and cutting down on food waste are all good.

Low sodium chicken stock is a staple in my kitchen and many of my recipes. I love the idea of making homemade vegetable stock.

Cats reacting to a video game. Rightfully so, as the video game features a stray cat. I have never noticed my cats pay attention to cats on TV.

The Choco Taco was discontinued. It has been many years since I had one. But gosh, ice cream, a waffle cone taco shell, chocolate, and peanuts, what is not to like? But you can always make one.

Negative truths that are actually beneficial. These are interesting.

Instagram is reminding me of Facebook, which isn’t a compliment.


Bailey looks relaxed here, but she loudly serenaded us yesterday morning. The cats will always remind me when it’s time to get up and feed them!

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