Weekend Randoms 2/13/2022

Happy Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday, to be exact!

Still not sure who I am cheering for today. I like players on both teams, and it would be awesome to see either win. I guess if I had to choose, it would be the Bengals. They have never won a championship and come into the game as the underdog.

Right now, I just hope for a good, close game.

Our last couple of football day pizzas has featured a slightly different pizza crust. My crust is usually whole wheat, but I ran out of whole wheat flour a few weeks ago. Husband isn’t much of a whole wheat fan, so I typically don’t stock that flour outside of pizza season. Since I would be using white flour, I mixed up the pizza dough crust for both of us and, I have to say, it turned out really good! I am going to try it once again today and most likely share the recipe soon.

With the NFL season now running well into February, it is inevitable that it will fall on Valentine’s Day at some point. Hubby and I wouldn’t care. Other than an excuse for some chocolate, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal. But I am sure it will be an interesting debate in some houses! 😉

Turkey Avocado Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

We went out for lunch last weekend and I adored this luscious turkey avocado burger along with sweet potato fries. So good!

Last night we enjoyed dinner with friends. The main course was spicy Cajun jambalaya. Hubby and I love spice and so do our friends. My contribution was carrot cake, complete with the absolutely essential cream cheese frosting. Everything was scrumptious!

What caught my eye this week

I will always be partial to red roses, but they aren’t the only flowers that mean love.

I always associate animals, specifically cats, with bookstores. A local used bookstore has cats, at least I saw them the last time I stopped by. I can’t say I ever saw a dog or cat while we enjoyed the wonderful food and drink on vacation in Chicago, but I would love it!

An interesting look at the history of the last meal.

Ina Garten and her best lessons in honor of her birthday.

Writing tips from Stephen King.


Have an awesome weekend! Enjoy the game and some queso dip today and make chocolate-covered strawberries tomorrow. 🙂

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