Weekend Randoms 10/31/2021

Backyard Color

Happy Weekend and happy Halloween!

Today marks 30 years since the infamous Halloween Blizzard. Anyone who lived in Minnesota at the time has the images burned into their memory. My prevailing memory is how the blizzard was the beginning of a downright miserable winter. Immediately after all that snow, the temperatures dropped considerably. This meant we were stuck with the all the snow the entire winter. Normally, with snowfalls in October, we can calm ourselves with the fact the snow will melt. Not that year.

Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins

Baking something with pumpkin seemed almost mandatory this week. I made these muffins and they are so wonderful! One of Husband’s favorite of my many muffin recipes. These donuts are also easy and delicious.

Anyone looking for me today will find me dressed up as a Minnesota Vikings fan. (Okay, this is actually often the case with me.) The Vikings play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Staying awake for a night game is hard for an early riser like me. But I don’t miss Vikings games.

What caught my eye this week

The 7 types of chocolate. Ruby chocolate? I had no idea, but I would love to try it.

In honor of Halloween, enjoy some adorable baby bats. Squee.

Giraffes eating treats from pumpkins.

Puerto Rico, the most vaccinated place in America. Leading the nation in the fight against COVID-19.

I love lists and being organized. TickTick is my favorite habit and task app.

Beauty in the ordinary. I make a point to document gratitude in the daily journal. Often it is something simple that can, and does, get lost in the shuffle.

B & B – the Kitten Year

Our beloved kitties turn 12 years old today! They are about five months old in the picture. I am guessing they were having one of their mostly-friendly little squabbles right before I snapped this photo. 😉

They will spend the day relaxing and being their spoiled rotten, adorable selves.

Enjoy some chocolate, have a scare if that is your thing, and happy Halloween!

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