Weekend Randoms 9/19/2021

Photo source – Jen Theodore/unsplash.com

Happy Sunday!

How gorgeous are fall mums?! I love walking into stores this time of year and admiring the displays.

For some reason, I have not had good luck in the past keeping them alive at my house. Whether it is lightning, moisture, or plain old bad luck. So they stay at the store, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring them and wanting to take them all home. 🙂

Backyard trees

I looked out my bedroom window as I was getting ready for work earlier this week and noticed the leaves starting to change. A few trees around the neighborhood appear to be doing the same. From what I have read, the drought this summer is expected to cause the fall foliage color to be muted.

Right now, I am looking forward to getting some baking apples for muffins and pies. Husband has a container of good vanilla ice cream in the basement freezer in case a pie appears. 😉

What caught my eye this week

One of my favorite YouTube fitness instructors on getting back into a workout routine.

Developing a healthy relationship with food.

Epic kitchen fails. I’ve certainly had some doozies.

Taking one thing at a time. I like this approach to avoid getting overwhelmed.

This was an interesting read. Friendships of convenience and why they are important.

Why millions of Americans don’t take their paid vacations. Wow…….

Enjoying vacations as the planner. Husband and I are both Grade A planners!

Sleeping Bella

Bella is already in cozy fall mode. Have a lovely weekend.

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