Weekend Randoms 10/3/2021

Happy Sunday!

So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the fall foliage wasn’t expected to be as vibrant this year; but, I gotta say, I disagree. I saw the tree pictured in the process of slowly changing while walking during my lunch hour. The orange and yellow contrasting with the green is gorgeous! My neighborhood currently has some trees turning a really brilliant red.

I had my annual physical this week. Staying up to date on preventative health maintenance has always been important to me. This week I see the dentist. While I dread that visit because, well, it’s a dental office…it is so important. I love the feeling of being up-to-date with taking care of myself.

Citrus Salmon Salad

We go out for lunch nearly every Saturday. This salad was amazing! The weather is still pretty warm, so a salad like this is still perfect. But it is quickly becoming soup season! During the cold months, I make soup at least once a week. Not only is it a wonderful warming dinner, but the leftovers! I love to take a cup of soup for lunch to accompany my ever-present spinach salad.

What caught my eye this week

Is the worst over? Hopeful news about COVID.

Gorgeous coffee shops from around the US. I love a cute coffee place. 🙂

Fashion style rules that are meant to be broken. Of course, I wear scrubs, workout clothes, or athleisure approximately 90 percent of the time!

The internet is full of advice on everything, some great and some downright awful. Here is some help to navigate nutrition advice.

The best time to grocery shop. 5 am on Sunday morning gets my vote. 🙂

Adorable baby animals. Scientific fact, you cannot be stressed while looking at baby animals.

84 grand for a blank canvas. What??!!


Bella and Bailey got their picture in our local magazine’s annual pet edition. They were the cutest pets in the issue, not that I am the least bit biased!

Have a good weekend!

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