My first 5K

Race Medal & Official Shirt

My first in-person, with other actual people, 5K is finally in the books! I had been so excited after signing up in 2020 only to have COVID turn the race virtual. This past weekend, I achieved my goal of an in-person race.

I was a little nervous going into it. Not about the running; but about literally everything else. I just didn’t know what to expect and how running with others would be different from my solo runs.

My arrival was way earlier than I needed to be, but reading different articles on running a first 5K suggested an early arrival. I was registered and had picked up my race packet the day before so basically, I just hung out and watched people and, especially, their dogs! The race was to benefit the local humane society and people were allowed to run with their dogs. Lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes. That was fun.

I didn’t elect to wear the official shirt, as it is long-sleeved. Tank tops have been my go-to for summer runs; especially in heat and humidity. I once read you should dress like the temperatures are 20 degrees warmer when you run. That is 100 percent the truth.

The Race

My first question was where to stand at the start of the race. I didn’t want to be blown over by fast runners, but I didn’t want to have to wind my way through walkers and slower runners. I ended up back too far and had to do a bit of weaving through people. But it was all good. 🙂

I had images of large clumps of people all running at the same pace, but it was very much spread out. For much of the race, I was running without anyone near me, which, honestly, was awesome.

Other than a full stop at the water station for a lovely drink of water. (It wasn’t hot, but it was humid!) I ran straight through.

Hubby dropped me off and was going to meet me after the race. He didn’t tell me ahead of time, but he was actually there for the race. He was standing with one of the volunteers at the beginning of mile 3. I was surprised and touched to see him.

The Finish Line

Crossing the Finish Line!

It was pretty sweet crossing that finish line, and I love that Husband captured the moment.

Checking My Race Time

First things first, I had to check my time! I finished in 36.35 minutes. I was thrilled, as my runs on my own tend to be closer to 40 minutes.

Going into the race, I didn’t expect to get competitive, and that was absolutely the case. People passed me and I also passed quite a few people in the course of the run, but my only true competition was myself.

It was fun, and I am so glad I did it. 2.5 – 3 miles is my happy place run-wise, so I don’t see moving up to longer races. A 5k is perfect for me.


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