Weekend Randoms 5/2/2021

Baby goats at the local park
Adorable baby goats at the local park.

Happy Sunday.

We are enjoying warmer days and sunshine and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love getting outside for walks over my lunch hour. The sun just makes me smile.

Our local park has a collection of farm animals every summer. Well, almost every summer. COVID derailed that idea last year, but, luckily, they are back this year. These baby goats were just too cute! Playing and jumping around, I should have taken a video!

Cinco de Mayo this week! Sheet pan shrimp fajitas are on our menu. They receive praise from hubby, who isn’t a huge shrimp fan. Plus they are crazy easy! Tex Mex chicken cauliflower rice is also on the docket for earlier in the week. I keep coming across copycat Fiesta lime chicken recipes which sound right up my alley.

What caught my eye this week:

National Nurses Week kicks off this Thursday. Some deals for my fellow nurses.

The two types of post-pandemic social lives. Husband received his second vaccine last week. I am thinking we will be somewhere in the middle. But it’s sure nice to start making some plans. 🙂

I haven’t touched the garden yet and wouldn’t until least mid-May. Garden fresh tomatoes make my mouth water. We find fresh herbs work great in pots.

Ring wash at home. This 100% works! A great way to keep your bling shiny between professional cleanings. Who does that often enough? Certainly not me!

Netflix has a new button if you can’t decide what to watch. Here is what is coming in May. We are excited about more Lucifer episodes!

But sometimes you just can’t watch all your TV together. We definitely have his, hers, and our together TV shows. I like my new Grey’s Anatomy all to myself, thank you very much!


Have a marvelous Sunday!

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