Accomplishments, Resolutions, Intentions

Bella on the stairs
Bella recovering from New Year’s Eve. 🙂

Accomplishments, resolutions, intentions…..a lot of big words to start the new year. But I think the new year is the perfect time to reflect back and look forward to the future.

By the way; Happy New Year! Maybe you, like Bella, had way too much fun last night. I kid, she slept through it much like the rest of the house. 😉


On the way to setting our 2021 goals we should remember to honor our 2020 accomplishments. If that accomplishment was to make it through a truly challenging year; that is more than enough.

For the past several years I have made a point to list out my past year accomplishments, and I am always pleasantly surprised. Sometimes it’s easy as the days, weeks and months pass to think in terms of Same Sh*t – Different Day. But as I look back at my private journal and also look at photos from the past year I remember what I did, learned, and otherwise accomplished. It’s really a great feeling and helps me start thinking about resolutions and intentions.


My exercise equipment.

I used to avoid New Year’s Resolutions. The whole concept seemed like setting myself up for failure and disappointment.

This changed about 10 years ago when I decided to take control of my health and fitness. Setting a resolution seemed like a good way to put in down on paper and hold myself accountable. It worked.

After experiencing success I have been hooked on the concept of the New Year’s resolutions.

Last year my fitness goal was to complete a 5K. While running alone in a virtual 5k wasn’t at all what I imagined I did indeed succeed in my goal. This year I hope to complete a traditional 5k with actual people!


Salmon & Spinach Salad; healthy and delicious!

Intentions to me are the kinder, gentler cousin of resolutions. A resolution is all about firm goals and benchmarks and intentions are about slowly changing direction and setting a practice.

While the argument can be made to chose between the two: I like the idea of incorporating both. Setting a resolution with concrete numbers and an end goal is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

But then comes a goal like eating slowly, mindfully and truly enjoying your food. An excellent goal but how is that measured? Intentions are often about changing one’s way of thinking; which is difficult to measure as far as concrete facts and numbers. But as time goes on you realize you are shifting your behaviors and mindset. Succeeding in an intention is just as satisfying as keeping a resolution and will hopefully result in long term results.

And…..the best part: You can include fun. Don’t forget goals like a weekly date night, seeing friends (we can only hope) and anything else you want to make a priority!

Here’s to a bright New Year!

Accomplishments, resolutions, intentions: Remember your accomplishment, plan a measurable goal or two and set an intention. For me this starts of the new year on a great note!


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