Weekend Randoms 1/3/2021

Bailey enjoying the new year.

Happy Sunday and happy 2021! The dumpster fire that was 2020 is finally in the rear view mirror and good riddance!! While I think there are still challenges ahead I am really hopeful for the new year.

I have never been much a New Year’s eve person; partly as I don’t believe in any magical restart button associated with January 1. But over the years I have become a fan of the setting resolutions and the new year is an opportune time.

We, like most everyone, celebrated the end of 2020 at home with turkey pasta and a bottle of wine. Typically we opt for a night in instead of going out on New Year’s eve. No fighting the crowds or concern with being on the road. There wasn’t the slightest attempt to stay up until midnight.

Buttermilk pancakes; a delicious breakfast treat for New Year’s day! We don’t have pancakes often and I absolutely savor them when we do. A nice way to start a long weekend.

Gorgeous view out our back window yesterday; the sunrise surrounded by sun dogs. Sun dogs are so pretty but they seem to mean it is cold outside. Maybe it’s nature’s apology for what we in the north go through this time of year.

I was searching for where the term sun dogs originates…. Other then long intensive wikipedia article I found this suggesting it was coined by a dog person; who no doubt lived somewhere cold.

What caught my eye this week:

Five Questions to ask yourself in the new year if resolutions aren’t your thing.

Healthy habits and Staying Active

One of my personal intentions is working on improving posture.

Greatest TV couples: I am not familiar with all of them but I definitely agree with a lot of these!

Walking in snow to create art. Impressive!

Finally, Bella and Bailey joined our household 12 years ago! We bought them home on New Year’s eve and spent that evening mesmerized by their cuteness. You can see why! It turned out to be a marvelous day to acquire the new kittens as we had the long holiday to introduce them to their new home.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. The term “sun dog” (or mock sun) originates from Greek mythology. It was believed the god Zeus walked his dogs across the sky and that the bright “false suns” in the sky on either side of the sun’s disk were the dogs.

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