The Ideal Vacation

I was reading recently what comprises the ideal vacation.

The term slow travel was new to me. When I think of a slow vacation I think of a lot of time parked in a chair on the beach just taking it easy. But slow travel means staying in one place for an extended time, rather than rushing from place to place.

Given that description, we typically enjoy slow travel. I like to get to my destination, settle in, and explore the surroundings for a few days. Sure, we have done road trips where we arrive at a new destination every day or two. But that has been a while.

The next question is do we want to go somewhere new, or back to a place we have previously enjoyed?

A New Place

When we were planning our big anniversary trip a few years ago, I knew I wanted to go somewhere we had never been. We quickly narrowed the decision to New York City. We didn’t expect the pandemic to delay our trip for three years.

I love exploring a new city for the first time. All the sites, both the touristy stuff and what you find on your own are brand new. You get to explore all new restaurants. It’s just a whole new world.

Revisit a Favorite

Years before we planned our NYC vacation, we celebrated an earlier milestone anniversary with a trip to San Diego.

Three years later, we were back in San Diego again. Both trips involved a few days by the beach and a few days in The Gaslamp, San Diego’s entertainment area.

There is a lot to like about returning to an area. You can revisit the favorites from the first trip. We went to the San Diego Zoo on both trips, which was spectacular. If you missed something the first time, here is your chance.

So, which is the ideal vacation?

It’s getting to be time to plan that summer vacation. I don’t think there is a wrong answer. Explore a new place, or return to a new favorite. Either way, we have fun. 🙂

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