Weekend Randoms 5/5/2024

Happy Sunday.

I plan our menus from within the Paprika recipe manager and then transfer them to our shared calendar. Hubby finally convinced me to use Paprika for planning and made it easy to have the recipes available when the time came for meals. I didn’t realize until I looked at the calendar that today is Cinco de Mayo! Ground turkey black bean enchiladas were moved from later in the week to today to mark the occasion.

We don’t usually make margaritas at home. These sound great!

Gardening season is ramping up. I just got an email from my favorite garden center. We have a home improvement project scheduled this fall. I should say, we are on the list for a project when the company gets to us. So, at some point, the house will be a construction zone. My tomatoes might end up in pots this year since the raised garden is next to the house and could be in the construction zone.

We have been following Sarah since she and her partner adopted an overweight cat they lovingly named Chonky Mr. B. Since then they have followed their dreams, moving from the city to their dream farm. They shared pictures of their animals in their recent newsletter.

Keep it or get rid of it – the age-old question. We have this conversation all the time. 🙂

Every library I have ever seen has been very functional, but not fancy. These are gorgeous.

It’s so easy to concentrate on the negative, but this is a reminder that some really good people are out there.

The oatmeal raisin cookie used to be my least favorite. Since then, I have given raisins another chance. What do you know – they are good!

Have a lovely weekend.

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