Weekend Randoms 4/14/2024

Happy Sunday.

The grass seemed to green up overnight. It must be spring. I am looking forward to my first outdoor run of the year this morning. We took a long walk yesterday.

I am a lifelong reader. It’s become my favorite way to wind down before I sleep. A couple of years ago I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I loved the book and have become a big fan of the author, Taylor Jenkins Read. The stories are captivating, and I enjoy her easy, breezy writing style. Her characters are real and relatable. I have read all but two of her novels.

New moves and TV shows. Hubby just finished Fallout and recommended I give it a try. I want to watch Palm Royale when we have Apple TV+ again. I am watching Scoop right now and Under The Bridge sounds up my alley.

Don’t bite the hook. This is terrific advice for anyone, especially if you have to deal with the public.

My two cups of coffee are a non-negotiable part of my morning routine. Whether it is healthy, or not, has been up for debate forever. But this is good news.

Please give me a breakfast blend and a cake donut!

If Bella looks partly shaved, it is because she is. 😉

When springtime comes, Bella gets a lot of her long hair shaved. She has had several episodes of bowel obstructions requiring surgery. She has a sharp tongue and likes to lick everything. We think this contributes to her being very susceptible to obstructions.

So, because we love her and want her to be around as long as possible, she gets shaved.

Bailey has never had a problem with obstructions, but she will also get some trimming to prevent knots in her fur.

Have a great weekend!

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