Weekend Randoms 2/25/2024

Happy Sunday.

Part of my morning routine is challenging my brain with the NYT puzzles Wordle, Connections, and the mini puzzle. Hubby and I like to see who can beat who with each puzzle. Connections is such a crap shot. Some days the categories seem so simple and sometimes they are wildly obscure.

Reading has been part of my bedtime routine for years. I find that if I read even just a chapter, I settle and sleep better.

I enjoyed the latest season of True Detective. The ending was left to interpretation and I liked that.

Movement is so important and even regular exercise doesn’t offset all our sitting in modern life. Little adjustments can make a difference.

I have cut myself a fair number of times while cooking, I think it goes with the territory. Food injuries are not uncommon.

Last weekend I mentioned buying a second cat bed. The hope was the cats sleeping side by side, each in their little cat bed. The above photo was an early attempt at coaxing Bella into trying out the new bed. Hubby did capture Bailey curled on the new one later in the week.

Success! Yesterday morning Bailey was sleeping in the original cat bed with Bella next to her in the new one. We find it funny that although Bailey is the smaller of the two cats, she seems to have commandeered the larger of the two beds.

Have a cozy weekend.

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