Weekend Randoms 12/10/2023

Happy Sunday.

I love our cute little Christmas tree.

This past Thursday was, likely, the last nice day for a while. After our blood donation appointments that afternoon, we took advantage of the weather by taking a walk. A walk outside on December 7 without a heavy coat, hat, and gloves, what??

We ended up stopping at our favorite ice cream shop and split an eggnog ice cream cone. It tasted like drinking a glass of incredibly rich and creamy eggnog. So good. Now I want an eggnog latte.

Fast forward to right now. It is currently trying hard to snow outside. I guess it is December. In two days I went from a glorious walk outside to not wanting to leave the house. On that note, I would have bet Minnesota would have been number one on the miserable winter scale. North Dakota is more than welcome to that status.

Hubby and I quite likely wouldn’t be a couple if we didn’t share a similar taste in music. We met at a bar listening to live hard rock music. His taste in music is broader than mine, but hard rock remains that standard in our house.

Cat-lover Taylor Swift and her adorable Ragdoll. Taylor with her cat is definitely my favorite of the three magazine covers.

I did indeed get some baking done last weekend. My favs plus a shortbread bar with fresh cranberries, white chocolate chips, and pecans. It was very popular. 🙂

Crafty people always impress me as I am not one of them. These Santa cookies are adorable.

Cats look especially cute under a Christmas tree.

Have a happy weekend.

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