Weekend Randoms 12/3/2023

Happy Sunday.

On the subject of a go-to holiday cookie, I am going to have to pick peanut butter blossoms. I mean, a peanut butter cookie with chocolate on top, how can you beat that? I find myself drawn to the chocolate stars rather than the kisses. A chocolate kiss is wonderful, with or without a cookie, but the stars have nostalgic value.

A close second cookie is the classic sugar cookie cut-out with vanilla frosting.

We ventured out this week and got a tree. I love a real tree. Hubby is fine with no tree, with his second choice being an artificial tree. Since we did the artificial tree last year, I pushed for and got a real tree. It is on the smaller side and very cute. I will probably get some lights and ornaments on it this weekend, but I don’t mind it unadorned. As a dear friend told me when I text her the picture below, Bella and Bailey are all the decorations the tree needs. 🙂

My goal before the end of the weekend is a batch of both holiday cookies and a lighted and decorated tree. The Vikings are on bye. This means I can casually enjoy football games without the usual screaming and cursing. This season has been a rollercoaster.

A pumpkin pie martini is perfect for fall, but how about a peppermint espresso martini for the holidays? That looks scrumptious; I would just need some Kahlua.

I have a good-sized backlog of books on my Kindle, but I need to save this list of cozy mysteries.

Quirky food pairings. I would give most of these a try.

Make a batch of peanut butter blossoms and have a great weekend.

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