Weekend Randoms 4/2/2023

Happy Sunday!

Hubby gets credit for the excellent squirrel photo. He was downloading the pictures from the digital camera and found a collection of long-forgotten photos. The zoom option on that camera is quite good. My iPhone takes such good photos, so it is hard to remember the time when all photos needed to be downloaded, much less back to when it was necessary to bring the film to a store to have developed!

Speaking of squirrels, check out these photos from around the world. Black squirrels may have originated in Canada, but they have migrated south down to Minnesota. I also want to steal all the squirrels from China, so cute!! Squirrels are adorably little creatures.

These wheat bran muffins are proof that we hate to waste food at our house. Frosted Mini-Wheats leave a layer of loose, shredded wheat bran at the base of the cereal box bag. Rather than discard, Husband saved the loose bran from his boxes of cereal. He figured we could somehow make use of it, so I decided to make muffins.

I used this basic recipe to make muffins using shredded wheat bran. I also added a bit of cinnamon and a handful of raisins to the original recipe. Delicious!

What caught my eye this week

Apple’s iOS 16.4 is out. Update your iPhone and get the new emojis! 🙂

The Associated Press traveled with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. An interesting behind-the-scenes look at 48 hours in his life.

Small purchases that will change your life. I don’t know about life-changing, but an instant-read thermometer is really handy! It’s become an easy way to tell if my chicken cutlets are done. An immersion blender comes in very handy for tomato soup.

Check out the Cadbury “Bunny“.

Bella loves to sit in the sun in the late afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend.

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