Weekend Randoms 2/19/2023

Happy Sunday.

My backyard doesn’t look like this anymore. There is still snow, but the trees are clear. When the sun is shining and you can’t see the ground, you can almost pretend it’s spring. Until you go outside. 😉

I was doing my meal plan for the week and realized one of the biggest challenges at times is food combinations. I have either a main dish or a side dish in mind, but what do I serve with it? Sometimes, it is so easy. When I make stir-fry, a side of roasted broccoli is perfect. I always want oven fries with my turkey burgers, preferably sweet potato fries!

But some are tricky. I have this spicy Mexican coleslaw recipe I haven’t made in quite a while. My guess is we have eaten it as a side with tacos. Now I am thinking maybe a side with a sandwich.

I do like planning menus. There is a certain creative element to try and come up with new ideas while keeping favorites in the mix.

I hadn’t made a pan of lasagna is far too long. Pure comfort food on a cold night. It was perfect!

What caught my eye this week

Yesterday was National Pangolin Day. These unique, adorable animals are the most trafficked creatures in the world.

The best coffee shop in every state. I love cute coffee shops, from the lovely independent places to the Caribou a few blocks from home.

Travel tips are always good. I completely agree with looking at travelers’ photos on TripAdvisor instead of the professional pics submitted by the hotels. I also like looking at customer food photos when picking restaurants!

This new show looks good. I loved Gilmore Girls and This is Us. Apparently, I just have to watch anything with Milo Ventimiglia.

Buy the flowers! Life is short.

Sleepy Bailey

Have a lovely weekend.

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