Weekend Randoms 11/6/2022

Happy Sunday.

I love how the leaves create a pretty carpet of color on the ground as they fall. The bright red leaves are my favorite.

Finally, and thankfully, mid-term election day is Tuesday.

I see some version of this quote on social media every election season. Like it or not, it’s the truth. In a perfect world, I would vote with great enthusiasm for a group of candidates I agreed with on nearly every issue.

Voting in every major election has been for me a civic duty, and I considered it an honor to be able to participate. But hubby and I were recently discussing how too often our voting decisions are more of the lesser of two evils category than a real need to support a particular candidate. I know this creates apathy and how it might be tempting to just not even bother.

But I feel like the issues get bigger every election. I can’t imagine not exercising my right to decide the future.

We bought a bag of these grand chocolate chips. Ghirardelli used the term grand to describe these extra-large chocolate chips. Any chocolate chip is grand in my book. Hubby was out of muffins, so I made a banana chocolate chip variety.

Yesterday morning, I made breakfast egg bake using leftover mini bagels for the bread. OMG, so good. I can’t wait for the leftovers today.

What caught my eye this week

The history of Vikings and cats. Their prowess as pest control was the driving factor, but I like to think they appreciated how cute they are. 🙂

The happiest states in the US. Minnesota is number 5 and, coincidently, or not, that also happens to be where the Vikings landed in the last NFL power rankings. Makes sense to me!

Daylight Saving Time ends today. I don’t know how I feel about the time change ever going away. As I get up before the sun rises, I do love an earlier morning sunrise. Theoretically, the extra hour of sleep appeals to me every fall, but I usually just wake up even earlier.

The Oatmeal on taking selfies. It’s all about the angles! It’s also important to take at least 10 pictures to find your favorite. Ha.

Why labeling food as “healthy” is a bad idea. Food is such a personal, individualized decision. What is “healthy” for one person is not the case for everyone.

Benefits of a power nap. I try not to take long naps as I feel they interfere with my already sketchy sleep. But closing my eyes for 10 minutes can be really refreshing when I need it.

Bailey and Bella came through their birthday week and are happily settled into another year. I still can’t believe they are 13 years old!

Have a lovely weekend.

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