Weekend Randoms 11/27/2022

Happy Sunday.

I am going to make an apple pie today, but I have a feeling another pumpkin pie will be in the near future. 😉

After a delightful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner, we headed home and settled in for the Vikings game. As I wasn’t super hungry, I traded in my usual homemade pizza for a frozen variety with a chickpea crust. It was really good! I don’t follow a gluten-free diet, but I never would have guessed this was anything other than a standard frozen pizza crust.

A Vikings win completed my happy Thanksgiving Day!

In the season of gratitude, I am grateful for an unseasonably warm long weekend. Anytime I can go for a walk in late November without freezing my nose and cheeks off is such a pleasure.

The Minnesota State Parks had a free day on Black Friday. The bison were enjoying the sunny day right up close to the driving trail. The waterfall on the other side of the park is showing the effects of the drought, as the water is barely a trickle.

What caught my eye this week

The most popular pet names of 2022. Bella and Bailey both made the list for dogs, and Bella remains a very popular cat name. We were at the vet a few years ago for the girl’s annual checkup and no less than three animals were present named Bella! Twilight’s popularity was firmly to blame 13 years ago when we named the girls, but the name continues to remain popular.

Since I rarely post, I would describe myself as a Twitter consumer as opposed to an active user. When I want the latest news about the world or a sports update, it is a quick, easy avenue to get the information I want. Since we don’t know what Elon will do, I have been checking out Mastodon for an alternative.

How to enjoy holiday eating without guilt or stress.

This picture makes me think of the holiday season. I was busy baking while Bailey kept me company in the breakfast nook.

Have a lovely weekend.

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