Weekend Randoms 11/20/2022

Happy Sunday!

Everyone keeps saying the same thing, how is Thursday Thanksgiving already!?

The cold and blowing snow outside certainly looks like late November. I have officially hit the season of thinking in terms of how few stops I can make to limit my exposure to this nastiness.

It feels like the universe seems more and more intent to push straight through Thanksgiving and get to the Christmas season. Christmas has been butting its gigantic nose into so many retail stores before Thanksgiving for years and, lately, even before Halloween. Let me get sick of pumpkin spice before diving headfirst into peppermint, okay?

Just kidding, I never get sick of pumpkin spice, or peppermint for that matter. But one season at a time.

I personally love the Thanksgiving vibe. First, the comfort food. I love turkey, but I am all about the side dishes and the pumpkin pie. Then we get a full day of football, including the Vikings hosting the night game.

I made breakfast egg bake a couple of weeks ago using some leftover bagels. Oh my gosh, it was so good. My menus have been full of sheet pan dinners and casseroles, anything that is warm and satisfying.

What caught my eye this week

In defense of a bland Thanksgiving. For the record, I don’t find traditional Thanksgiving food even remotely dull or boring.

Was Thanksgiving better in the 80s? As someone who also grew up in the 80s, this was interesting. What did we do every spare second without a smartphone? 😉

Ina’s Thanksgiving tips. Plan ahead and forget the last-minute stuff.

I am excited to watch Spirited and probably a couple of other holiday movies after Thanksgiving.

Olia Hercules, a Ukraine author, on the power of food to unite. Scroll down to the Peanut and Dulce de Leche Cake photo. Yum!

How keeping a routine can help with holiday stress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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