Weekend Randoms 5/8/2022

Welcome to Sunday.

During the early days of the pandemic, Chipotle to-go was our Saturday lunch routine. We typically go out for lunch on Saturday and still wanted a treat despite in-person dining being shut down due to COVID. Chipotle was an easy option and, of course, freaking delicious! We love Mexican food, from burrito bowls to breakfast to soup.

Once the weather warmed up, we enjoyed taking our lunches to a park. While eating outside isn’t usually my favorite, I found I could handle eating a burrito bowl out in nature. We could enjoy our lunch, then take a walk.

Yesterday was one of the nicest days of the year, at least so far. I swear everyone was out and about, judging from the traffic. It was a perfect day for takeout Chipotle and a long walk.

What caught my eye this week

The right to safe, legal abortion is officially under attack. The Supreme Court “leak” earlier this week has dominated my thoughts and my social media. In the likely event that Roe VS Wade falls, Minnesota along with about half of US states will still allow abortion. But the consequences could be dire for women with limited resources in states that will or have already severely limited a woman’s reproductive rights.

Hubby reminds me all the time we much prefer urban vacations. I could hike and appreciate nature if I have a nice meal and accommodations awaiting me at the end of the day. Apparently, I am not alone.

I finally needed sunscreen this week.

We always have a jar or two of salsa in the house.

I really thought This is Us would be far too sappy for me, but I was wrong. It is so engaging with terrific characters and the acting is wonderful.

103 pieces of advice. Good stuff.

Blake Lively would look amazing in anything, but this dress is truly stunning! Ryan isn’t bad either. 😉

Cute little Bella living her best life. Have a lovely weekend.

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