Weekend Randoms 12/12/2021

Happy Sunday!

The tree got decorated this week. I love that process. As I pull ornaments from their boxes, I remember how we received them. Many I purchased, and others were gifts. Some are homemade by family and friends. Some are only a few years old, but a few I have had for longer than I can remember.

Red and green are the colors of the holiday season. Red seems to be my go-to color for holiday ornaments.

We had our first major snowstorm of the year on Friday. I drove home Friday night with a fresh six inches of snow on the ground. Fortunately, the roads were quite passable. It’s Minnesota, we have this snow removal thing down to a science. 😉

What caught my eye this week

And Just Like That, the latest in the Sex and the City franchise, premiered Thursday. I pretty much inhaled it ASAP upon release. A look back at some of the NY apartments featured in the original series.

Eating fresh produce when in-season makes so much sense. Everything is at the peak of freshness and often on sale!

This soup is making my mouth water. The title had me at sweet potato dumplings!

I have to admit, I thought What the Hell when I saw this product in the store.

The fastest human sprinter couldn’t outrun a house cat. I can see why whenever Bella and Bailey get a case of the zoomies around the house!

Food guilt can be such a struggle any time, but the holiday season really seems to amplify it.

Make time for self-care when you have no time.

Have a cozy weekend.

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