Weekend Randoms 5/23/2021

lilac bush
lilac bush

Happy Sunday!

The lilac bush in the front landscape bloomed last weekend. I went out for a run last Sunday morning and had to stop as I noticed how pretty the bush looked in the early morning light. Once the blooms are gone, Hubby is going to do a trim, and honestly, it needs it. But I think it looks lovely.

It is hot this weekend! Not quite mid- summer hot, but 80 degrees for May is pretty warm.

With warm weather coming it was a good week to get some veggies planted. We have a small raised garden that now holds two tomato plants and two pepper plants. A third pepper plant is in a pot. I am already looking forward to spicing up recipes with hot peppers and, of course, those garden tomatoes.

I also got three flower pots filled and we bought some fresh herbs to replace what didn’t survive from last year.

bison herd with two calves

Baby bison! Hubby and I took a walk about the back of the bison enclosure at the local state park. As you can see, part of the herd along with two calves we very close to the fence.

What caught my eye this week:

Post pandemic hopes. I have always had difficulty appreciating the good when dealing with things like a deadly, global pandemic. But COVID has had a way of making me grateful for the simple things. I do like the idea of maintaining personal and emotional space.

What doctors wish people knew: I especially like #4. My immune system is a rock star and I so appreciate it.

Speaking of post-pandemic, check out these gorgeous restaurants! I am a big fan of the whole experience that comes with a nice evening out.

The Friends reunion special debuts this week on HBO Max. I can’t wait!

I am a major fan of sweet potato fries, but I would give these a try.

This salad looks wonderful!

Bella and Bailey certainly like to enjoy the sunshine.

Have an awesome weekend!

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