Weekend Randoms 4/18/2021


Happy Sunday!

I can happily announce this week has been pretty calm compared to the chaos last week. Miss Bella has been getting back to normal. Every time I see her doing typical “Bella things” like rubbing against everything and sleeping in her normal spots it makes me happy. I am certain she is feeling back to her adorable self.

My experience with post-surgery patients is with people. But with people or cats if they are eating, drinking, and using the bathroom (or in Bella’s case-the litter box) regularly things are good.

Bailey on her back

Her sister, Bailey, is also finally starting to relax a bit. Doesn’t she look completely relaxed flat on her back? 🙂

After several nights of keeping Bella confined to the basement, we decided it was time to open up the house and start getting the cats used to each other again. Despite Bailey’s hunger, she wouldn’t go down to the basement to eat. This resulted in her loudly complaining about her predicament every two hours. Oy

Fortunately adding a food dish back upstairs took care of the situation and the next night was quiet.

While Bailey still doesn’t get too close to Bella without a low growl and a hiss, the hostility has gone down considerably. Soon they will be back to their cordial selves.

I was also thrilled to get in my first outdoor run of the year! I did two miles and it felt awesome.

After a week of gloomy, dreary weather the sun is finally shining! I love taking walks on the weekend.

What caught my eye this week:

This photo struck me when I saw it in the local paper. I love how the plastic looks like delicate butterfly wings.

Pandemic lessons: There are positives in everything. I loved walks, cooking, and home workouts before the pandemic, and they were sources of comfort when everything was turned on its head.

While we were hanging out in the basement with Bella last weekend, we watched an episode of the new Ken Burns documentary on Earnest Hemingway. He was a complicated man, but I have always known how he loved cats.

The future imagined by the past: These are really interesting and some are eerily accurate!

Remaining calm: I love number 4. We all have our moments.

Carrot Raisin muffins
Carrot Raisin Muffins

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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