Weekend Randoms 6/23/2024

Happy Sunday and happy anniversary to us!

This year will be pretty low-key, certainly compared to last year. We were recently talking about our delicious anniversary dinner in NYC. A delectable Italian dinner. It was perfect.

The rain is expected to stop for a while, finally. I hoped for a nice day for our anniversary and, more importantly, a reprieve from this rainy summer. We are very thankful that the sump pump is keeping up and our basement is dry, but lots of people aren’t that lucky.

This is why mosquitos bite some people more than others. I never knew they were attracted to Type O blood. I happen to be Type O, but mosquitos love Hubby much more than me. (He is also Type O.)

I have heard of goat yoga, but piglet yoga? Sign me up! I am unsure how much yoga would happen, probably more snuggling with the baby pigs. 🙂

The best journal apps. We have been using Day One for a long time. My favorite part of journaling is looking back on the day’s previous entries. Right now it is fun reliving the fun of our NYC vacation.

Ok, I am curious! The best veggie hot dog is from Oscar Meyer. I don’t eat pork, so I haven’t eaten a traditional hot dog in years. Once these are available locally, I might need to try it.

Fish, bowls, pasta – I am all about an easy dinner.

Bailey is enjoying one of her many catnaps. She has taken to serenading us at 2 am the last several nights. We aren’t sure why. She is a smart girl, I am sure she has her reasons. We don’t get up so as not to reward the behavior. Hopefully, she tires of it, literally and figuratively!

Have a great weekend.

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