Weekend Randoms 4/21/2024

The NFL draft is finally here. I say finally since the Vikings may as well have announced they would be selecting a quarterback in the first round after letting Kirk Cousins go in free agency. I don’t follow college football, but I understand this is a deep quarterback class. It will be surprising if they don’t try to move up and a shock if they don’t select a quarterback. It should be an interesting draft.

I am also excited about the NBA playoffs! The Timberwolves have done well this year.

We went out for lunch to one of my favorite area restaurants. This kale and sweet potato grilled cheese sandwich has been on the menu since the place opened. Hubby and I have always gone either for dinner or weekend brunch. This sandwich has always seemed more of a lunch option for me. It did not disappoint! The caramelized onions took it over the top. I had an apple and arugula side salad to complete my meal.

Hubby had a soup sampler and a side of short rib egg rolls with Korean BBQ sauce.

Sunday brunch in NYC was on my bucket list when we planned our trip. Looking back at my omelet and home fries makes me hungry!

I have Ina’s book on my Amazon wish list.

I finished Fallout and enjoyed it despite knowing nothing about the video game that inspired it. The Ghoul took some intense preparation.

I like snakes, but a snake the length of a school bus slithering through the backyard would definitely get my attention!

Doesn’t Bailey look sassy in this photo? Haha

She is a bit of a sassy girl. Probably wondering why I kept taking photos instead of letting her sleep. 😉

Have a lovely weekend.

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