Weekend Randoms 3/17/2024

Happy Sunday and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Not sure what we are doing tonight. We had considered taking a little weekend getaway. But when the unseasonably warm weather turned back into winter, we decided against it. We like to do a lot of walking when we travel and a temperature in the 30s isn’t my idea of a fun walk.

But we will go out locally. Last year we started our evening at a Mexican restaurant very close by. That may very well be the plan for tonight. So probably no traditional Irish food like cabbage, but that’s okay.

I am currently watching Taylor Swift/The Eras Tour on Disney+. Taylor puts on a SHOW.

These wildlife photos are incredible. We have a fox hanging around outside. His, or her, image has been captured on the outdoor camera a few times. I doubt I will ever get a good photo.

Holy huge blueberry! I would only need a couple of those to make a batch of cobbler. I wonder how a blueberry that big would taste?

Strength training is so important for women. I used to lift weights just because I knew I should, but I have come to really enjoy it.

Women can never take their rights for granted, even over their own bodies. The new over-the-counter birth control pills should be a great option for a lot of women.

Cats sleeping on CATS. Bailey looks like she is keeping a close eye on Bella. They were probably sound asleep before I came in.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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