Weekend Randoms 2/11/2024

Happy Sunday.

Time goes so fast; my proof currently is the NFL football season. Maybe it was because the Vikings’ season was so frustrating. But it doesn’t seem possible the grand finale is today.

I don’t have a real favorite today, just hoping for a good game. This year’s interest in the game seems even more over the top than usual. Both teams have a lot of high-profile players. Plus lots of people taking an interest in the game for the first time.

The commercials sound fun this year, I saw a glimpse of a new ad featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales. Then there is the food. I am already looking forward to pizza.

I saw a squirrel drinking water from the bird bath the other day. Mind you, we don’t fill the bird bath during the winter. The water was either some of the minimal snow that recently melted. This photo looks more like an early spring scene than the beginning of February.

We have been looking for soup mugs, aren’t they cozy?

Stinge-watching VS binge-watching. I don’t typically like to race through a series I like.

Life’s simple pleasures. I especially like the comment section. So many mentions of that first sip of coffee in the morning. *nods*

Having a little hobby is good. I started, or sort of resurrected, this blog during the pandemic when I just needed something.

This will likely be Bailey’s position during the Super Bowl. On her back, white paws in the air, and dozing away. The cats just aren’t football fans. We did joke that perhaps they were cheering for the Detroit Lions. Cats have to stick together. 🙂

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