Weekend Randoms 8/13/2023

Happy Sunday.

The cherry tomato plant is doing so well! They are so sweet and delicious. I find myself eating them right off the vine while I harvest them.

We had dinner with friends at their house on Friday night. They served grilled shrimp, alongside orzo with tomatoes and mozzarella, and a side of asparagus. It was delicious! I should try that orzo dish while I still have cherry tomatoes from the garden. I brought carrot cake, which is always a hit.

Typically, Friday is our date night at home. I work until 5, and it’s easier to have plans at home rather than to try to go somewhere. But coming up with a Saturday to get together was turning into a challenge, so we settled on a Friday. It’s fun to shake things up. I am already looking forward to hosting them next time.

This third week of August was traditionally vacation week for us. Looking back in my journal, I am seeing posts about our many vacations to Duluth. Ten years ago, on this day, we were flying into Seattle. I have learned to write detailed journal posts when we travel as it’s so much fun to read back and relive the memories.

What caught my eye this week

Not that I ever remember to look, but the meteor showers are happening this weekend.

Lies that movies taught us. I have always believed that one phone call after an arrest is true. Not that I plan to find out. 😉

I just finished my latest rewatch of Sex and the City. A few days before we left for New York City, I had the urge to watch a couple of episodes. Since then, I have made my way through all six seasons. I am a big fan of the show and SJP.

Hot weather means cranky people. Speaking of which, I saw 110 degrees F in the extended forecast. Yikes!

I need to clean my Apple AirPods.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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