Weekend Randoms 3/19/2023

Happy Sunday and happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 🙂

St Patrick’s Day weekend probably isn’t a thing, but it should be. It is unfortunate that it doesn’t routinely fall on either Friday or Saturday. Between the pandemic ruining everyone’s fun a few years and the holiday falling on a workday, it has been a while since we were able to go out and celebrate.

That picture makes the beer look the size of my head! It wasn’t quite that big. 😉

My green sweater is actually sparkly. I bought it years ago at H&M when we were shopping for clothes for our trip to San Diego. We were actually flying in on St Patrick’s Day and the sweater seemed fun and festive. It is, except when I decided to wear it to fly home. The sweater lit up like a Christmas tree on the TSA scanner! My greatest source of stress with flying is security and I wear the worst outfit! I survived and the TSA agents were really quite nice.

This Irish coffee makes me drool. I don’t have it often as I am strictly an early morning coffee drinker and I don’t keep decaf in the house. It really does hit the spot as an after-dinner drink. I thought about it on Friday, but it didn’t happen.

Turkey Pepperoni & Red Pepper Pizza

My pizzas are almost exclusively of the veggie variety these days, but I had to sneak a little slice of the turkey pepperoni pizza that Hubby made for himself. I used to love pepperoni pizza, but I stopped eating pork and beef years ago. This turkey pepperoni from ALDI’s is fantastic! It is highly snackable right out of the package and baked up crispy and delicious on pizza just like standard pepperoni.

What caught my eye this week

I am always looking for easy dinner party meals. If the food is easy I can have fun with our guests instead of stressing about the food. Or at least, stress less!

I was happy for Jamie Lee Curtis as she did a phenomenal job in Everything Everywhere All at Once. But I also would have loved to have seen Angela Bassett win. She is captivating in everything she does.

What to read and watch after Daisy Jones and The Six. Really enjoying this series.

Another good series, Ted Lasso.

Bailey & Bella

The girls were settling into their morning nap and looking so cute the other morning. Bailey was obviously ahead of schedule and already dozing. Bella was still interested in what I was doing but was soon sleeping away next to her sister.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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