Weekend Randoms 2/5/2023

Happy Sunday.

Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil seems to think we are in for six more weeks of winter. But really, when is winter ever even close to being over before the end of March?

Squirrels are such little acrobats. I keep seeing a group of three black squirrels running and playing in the ravine and the backyard. Judging from their playfulness I have to think they are young ones. So cute!

We almost always go out for lunch on Saturday. Yesterday we went to Red Lobster and this sesame-soy salmon bowl has my name all over it. Those crispy Brussels sprouts were incredible!

What caught my eye this week

We trust women in Minnesota. This bill adds a second layer of protection to the already existing right to legal abortion in Minnesota.

Embarrassing food blunders. We all make them and hope we can eventually laugh about them. I have misread recipes or accidentally omitted ingredients more times than I can count. The comments on the post are hilarious!

A neuroscientist gives his best tips to keep your memory sharp.

Blowing off the New Year’s diet resolution with style. Ha, this is awesome.

My house, but not my cat. Personally, I would have a hard time saying no if a cat showed up and decided our house was her new home. Bella and Bailey would probably vehemently disagree. 😉

Is it okay to cheat at Wordle? Hubby and I work together on the tough words. Yesterday took me forever!

Have a great weekend!

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