Weekend Randoms 1/29/2023

Happy Sunday!

The last Sunday of January, to be exact. 🙂

I try to make a point not to wish my life away, but January is a cold, miserable, rotten excuse for a month. That said, I caught myself thinking it didn’t feel too bad outside at 14 degrees F, the sun shining, and minimal wind. Only in Minnesota.

This is our beautiful Bailey. No idea what has gotten into her, but three times this week she has been waking us up around 2 or 3 o’clock. Now, I am an early riser, but this is nuts!

She has always been the unofficial furry alarm clock. While her sister, Bella, waits downstairs by the food dish, Bailey gets sent upstairs to rustle one of us out of bed. Her favorite move is to strum her paw against the spring door stop. When it is nearly time to get up, I admit we find it funny to hear the little boing of the door stop. Bailey is a smart girl as she knows this works.

But meowing and boinging noises in the middle of the night isn’t cool. We tried putting a large pillow against the door. It did stop the boing, but she still meowed in A capella, creating havoc. Oy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So for the last couple of nights, both cats have been locked out of the bedroom. Bella hasn’t been a problem, but there is no way to allow one cat in and not both. We do suspect Bella is the dominant cat, so perhaps she sits back and eggs on her sister to get us up. Who knows?

No need to feel too sorry for the cats. Neither of them has ever chosen to sleep directly on the bed with us at night. Often at night, they are sleeping elsewhere or roaming the house, being natural nocturnal creatures.

What caught my eye this week

30 greatest life hacks. These are really good!

Stephen King’s 20 rules for writers. This was fun to read for an amateur writer, myself included.

I personally think bay leaves add a nice depth of flavor. I use one whenever I make stock, and they add an earthy flavor to jambalaya. Ina is less than convinced.

I love yogurt and eat it nearly every single day. I have always simply stirred in any liquid sitting on top of my Greek yogurt.

Bella, the quiet cat.

Have a nice weekend.

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