Happy New Year

Welcome to 2023!

While I fully realize the turning of the calendar to the new year doesn’t mean the universe resets, I do like the thought of a fresh start.

Last year my top intention was to fly somewhere we have never been. We definitely had a lovely vacation week, but we didn’t fly to a new spot. Here’s to hoping 2023 will cooperate because we have plane tickets that need to be used!

I am a sucker for lists in general and the end of the year brings out best-of-everything lists

Best TV shows. This list is full of shows I have either already enjoyed or occupy a spot in the to-watch queue. We both really enjoyed Bad Sisters, The Bear, and Wednesday. I threw in The Watcher on a whim for something to watch and got totally sucked in. Euphoria is really good and I am currently catching up on Interview with the Vampire. We hope to catch up on the second season of White Lotus soon.

I looked through lots of the best movies of 2022 lists. Top Gun: Maverick was wildly entertaining. We also watched Glass Onion last weekend and I really liked it.

Plus a list of really beautiful photos of 2022.

And, of course, recipes. 🙂

Have a wonderful new year!

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