Weekend Randoms 10/2022

Happy Sunday.

Thanks to the Vikings playing in London, my normal Sunday routine is getting turned on its head. With the game starting at 8:30 am, we will eat breakfast while watching the game instead of our usual pizza. But pizza will come later in the day.

I have been so excited to watch Hocus Pocus 2. The original is in my regular rotation of Halloween movies.

What caught my eye this week

A fascinating look at what some common foods looked like before being genetically modified.

Minnesota is a happy state. I believe it, but I would also be curious about when the data was collected. Don’t ask me in the middle of January! But, otherwise, I would agree Minnesota is a good one.

In honor of Halloween and all things spooky, haunted places in Minnesota. We toured the Glensheen Mansion years ago during one of our many trips to Duluth. I don’t know about haunted, but it is pretty cool.

A butter meltdown. Just in time for baking season. Oy.

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