Weekend Randoms 7/24/2022

Happy Sunday.

We are enjoying a quiet weekend, getting back into real life after vacation. I actually like getting back to my normal routine.

This is a menu from our happy hour in St. Paul. Sharing appetizers with Husband can be a challenge. I don’t eat red meat, and he doesn’t care for some fish and seafood. This is why I was amazed to find a menu where I would absolutely eat every single thing. He let me make the selections. I knew he wouldn’t touch the salmon or crab dip. Ultimately, we ordered the sweet potato fries and the mushroom bruschetta, both were delightful. But I would have tried everything!

What caught my eye this week

Vikings training camp starts at the end of the week! Even though I hate the fact that it signifies summer is in the later stages, I do love the idea of football season starting. One writer thinks the year may resemble 2017, which would be amazing, right up to how it ended. Of course, another article gave reasons everything could implode. Yikes. But I am the eternal optimist where the Vikings are concerned.

Hangry is a real emotion and needs to be fed, literally!

18 books to read over a weekend. I typically only read before bed, so I don’t finish books that quickly, but I am definitely saving this list. In Five Years and The Push were both really good.

I have been working on maintaining and improving my posture. As well as being aging, Dowager’s hump can be downright painful.

How to tackle a mountain of tasks. Like going back to work after vacation. 😉

The cats recovered from our vacation. When we arrived home, Bailey was at the door to greet us, and later she wandered the house while we got settled. Bella, on the other hand, stayed planted in her chair. She was no doubt happy to see us, but she didn’t let it disturb her beauty sleep!

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