Weekend Randoms 6/26/2022

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on Thursday. The day started by driving to the Mall of America for lunch. We went to Crave, one of our absolute favorite restaurants. A Mexican sushi roll was our appetizer. Pretty much our perfect roll with tuna, avocado, and cilantro. My main dish was a delectable salmon salad. Hubby had a prime rib sandwich. We did forgo their delicious coconut cake as we knew we would be eating plenty later in the day.

Later we checked into our hotel and headed out for drinks and an early dinner.

That evening was Wild Nights, a 21+ event at the Minnesota zoo with live music, food, drink, and of course the animals. The grizzly bear exhibit is one of my favorite. It is absolutely beautiful for the bears were really entertaining.

The llamas. They were all partly shaved to help keep them cool in the heat. The area is free range for both the animals and the zoo guests.

The event included live music on two stages. We were both really impressed with the musical acts. It was a fun evening.

We got back to the hotel and headed out for more food and drinks. It was good to relax and enjoy an air-conditioned setting. The temperatures were in the 90s for the zoo event. We made the best of it, but it was hot!

The next morning after a light breakfast followed by a walk around a park in Eagan. The park is lovely and features lots of trails that surround a pond. Then back to Mall of America for lunch at Twin City Grill, another favorite, before heading for home. It was a nice little getaway. Celebrating our anniversary is my favorite day of the year.

Friday News

The gut-wrenching, but expected, news that SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade. This is devastating news. Honestly, from the moment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, I feel like this has been coming.

This isn’t about me. I am very grateful to have gone through my reproductive years in a time when a woman’s right to choice was protected. But I am terrified for the young women in my life. Lucky, a woman’s right over her own body will remain intact in Minnesota for the foreseeable future.

No woman wants to need an abortion. The only thing this ruling will stop is access to safe, legal abortion for many women in the United States. Especially affected will be poor women who lack the ability to travel out of state.

This may not be the end of it, either. The Supreme court and its ultra-conservative majority could come after voting, contraceptives, and LGBTQ+ rights, including the right to marry.

My only hope is that this ignites people to demand change.


Take care of yourself and have a peaceful weekend.

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